Marie Voignier Film Project

Art Professionals-In- Athens Resident Marie Voignier during her stay at the residency in February 2014 worked on a film and photography project for the portraiture of contemporary Athens.

A section of the film project is a series of interviews of several personalities from different fields of spiritual research.

The interviews focus on the interaction between their sphere of activities and the sociopolitical framework of contemporary Greece.

The mystical and mythological context of the interviews leads to a critical and abstract photographic/filmic work in the city.
 This seemingly paradoxical approach aims to generate an alternative imagery to that of a crisis seen only through its disastrous results.


Location: Centre of Athens, Petralona, Psychiko, Bus Station Kifissos, National Garden

Film Collaborators, Performers: Symeon Tsakiris, Athina Alexopoulou & Thodoris Skiftoulis



Performer Athina Alexopoulou

Collage museum museum2 parkSimeon

Performer Symeon Tsakiris



Performer Thodoris Skyftoulis




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