Residency Programme

The first official art residency programme in Athens/Greece exclusively for art professionals is now accepting applications for the 2013 autumn-winter programme. The Non-Profit organisation Pantheon an influential space for contemporary art in Athens, is offering visual artists, curators and collectors the possibility to participate in its new residence programme. By bringing international artists from a wide range of disciplines—including curators and collectors – our programme enables the exchange of ideas and approaches that help catalyze new cultural and social perspectives. 

Located in the historical centre of Athens, overlooking the Parthenon, the programme supports artistic research and production for art professionals from around the world and will select established and emerging artists to share a live/work space for a six-week programme marked by intimate studio visits with, and public lectures by, distinguished leaders in contemporary art and curation and to exhibit for the following four-weeks at the Exhibition Space. The new Artist/Curator/Collector-in-Residence in Athens is supported by NSRF (National Strategic Reference Framework 2007–2013 ESPA) and represents a great opportunity for cross-border connection between emergent and more established artists. 

The Programme includes artist residencies, exhibitions and publications, and a series of educational events held at Exhibition Space and in other established venues in Athens (Museums, Institutes). All initiatives are part of an educational model that supports the contemporary cultural production of Athens. All participants in our Residency Programme live in an astonishing flat (in terms of design and location); artists-in-residence who have a studio-based practice will be able to work at the 300 sq.m of the Exhibition Space. Located at the centre of Athens, the studio and artists’ flat will connect participants in our programme with the athenian art scene.

Education Programme

 For its 2013–14 residencies, the programme is seeking proposals for projects to be produced within the non-profit organization’s Education Programme. We welcome proposals from curators, artists, and art professionals and educators engaged in innovative art projects from a wide range of disciplines that are taking into consideration the contemporary unique context of Greece.
The programme endorses multidisciplinary, international practice and is designed to support artists, the creative process, and the development of new, important work. The programme provides opportunities for research, experimentation, professional development, and peer-to-peer exchange – and ultimately aims to foster creative breakthroughs and new modes of working and thinking.

Art Professionals Lectures Series

The programme provides free live/work space to selected artist and art professionals who work, research, and immerse themselves in the cultural life of Athens. The programme also co-ordinates visits to art centres, galleries and museums, dinners, and discussions, providing support and feedback throughout the duration of programme. The public is invited to attend free public lectures by esteemed guests of the programme.

The art professionals in Athens residence programme aims to provide  emerging and established international artists with the opportunity to come to Athens and create an art exhibition while interacting with contemporary greek culture.

Director: Mr Gerasimos Kappatos

Project Co-ordinator: Dr. Sozita Goudouna

Programme Associate: Evangelia Ledaki 

Logos & Ministry of Culture



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